Speak From Your Soul and Sell in Six Minutes or Less! 

If you had five minutes to sell you and your business to the world, could you?  

Are you aware that speaking is the quickest way to success, but feel nauseous at the thought of standing up in front of a crowd?  

Have you spoken at an event and walked away with nothing?  

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, speaking your way to success is much easier than you think! 

I always thought that the power of speaking was all about standing up in front of thousands presenting a keynote. 

Then I started selling $20,000 and $30,000 from the stage in two-minute gigs and I realized that when I am real and speak with passion and enthusiasm, I get noticed. Getting noticed is the gateway to EVERYTHING! Let’s face it; there are two hot commodities in this world that impact your ability to sell…time and attention. You have seconds to cut through the noise and capture your audience’s attention and “wow” them. 

Most people spend those precious seconds babbling or being boring. And just like that, the moment is gone! What if I could teach you how to get attention and HOLD it with your own, unique five-minute signature talk? Hi! I am Odette Peek, a professional speaker and TEDx alumni, and have used the power of speaking to grow my business to six figures in a year. But, it isn’t about having the best pitch. It’s about telling YOUR best story. That is what makes this program unique. 

I have an inherent ability to pull out your soul story and then help you, over the three days, turn it into a signature five-minute talk that unleashes your passion, gives everyone clarity about your message, and connects you to the loyal followers that are waiting for you! 

Vulnerability and authenticity are the superpowers to help you build a successful and sustainable business because people buy YOU, not stuff!

I want to help you not only get to the stage but also tell the perfect, powerful, and personal story that will get the audience engaged and wanting to know more.  

My first stage was standing at my table at a networking event and giving my elevator pitch. Here is the funny part of it. I wrote that talk on a napkin. Well, several napkins because my pen didn’t write very well on that damn napkin. The thing is, I was prepared. 

I thought about what I was going to say and it made all the difference. 

My whole business journey was getting to bigger and bigger stages, sharing my story, and having people run to the stage after I spoke. 

Fast forward a few years and I am feeling like Justin Bieber as the audience throws offer sheets at me like girls throw panties at him! That is what I want for you! 

But, I don’t want it to take years for you. 

That is why this is an intensive, focused, hands-on, let’s get the work done and get your talk ready to rock the stage kind of WORK shop!  

During the Speak from Your Soul and Sell in Six Minutes you will:  

• Do the deep-dive and uncover THE story to share with your audience that comes from your heart and your soul and walk away with a polished five-minute talk. 

• Learn how to adapt your five-minute talk to different speaking opportunities, from a 30 second intro to a full-length keynote, so you never stutter or stumble again in any situation. 

Get clarity on your messaging so everyone knows who you are and what you do in an instant. 

• Learn a faster, simpler, and more effective version of speaking and selling from the stage. 

Learn how to present so you look natural and comfortable…from what to wear to how to stand. 

Master telling your story so it will sell the audience into wanting to know more. 

• Learn about delivering the different levels of call to action from free stuff to high-end programs and how to make it natural to ask from the stage without feeling “salesy.” 

Create your own “sizzle reel” of your polished, five-minute talk to share on social media and your website. 

Done right, your story can create empathy, stir excitement, and motivate a room into action. It can give you instant credibility and create connection to the right people.  

Speak From Your Soul and Sell in Six Minutes Or Less November 28 & 29, 2017 Old Mill Inn and Spa, 21 Old Mill Road, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1G5

So if you… 

  • Want to speak, but don’t know what to say and how to say it. 
  • Haven’t been able to convert audiences after being on stage.
  • Need clarity in your messaging. 
  • Want to polish your speaking. 
  • And, struggle with feeling “salesy” when adding your call to action.  

"Speak from your Soul and Sell in Six Minutes or Less” is the program for you!

This three-day intensive starts with the story. 

Day One: we are going deep into your soul to find the heart of your passion and purpose. 

Day Two: we are going to craft the five-minute talk that incorporates your story and a call to action. Then, you will spend time practicing and tweaking it until it fits you like your favorite pair of shoes. 

Day Three: it is all about delivery. We will pick the outfit, get the right stance on stage down, and then videotape the performance. 

After critiquing it, and a final tweak, you will tape your sizzle reel to have content for your social media channels and website.  

I sold $20,000 from a stage in an impromptu two-minute gig at a networking event using a powerful technique that gets people running to the stage wanting to buy. 

My goal is to get you ready to do the same thing!  

It is all about the powerful combination of soul, story, and selling!  

"I have always been a speaker, but I realized the speaking world had changed and I needed to change as well.

Working with Odette, I learned how to be more specific, create impactful sound bites of my information, share powerful stories and engage my audience at a higher level. 

Thank you Odette! "  

 Carolyn Dickinson Carolyn Dickinson Success Coaching 

"This has been an amazing experience. 

I am already an experienced speaker but coming into this workshop and learning so much more and how to shift my talk to improve it even more has been eye opening and helpful. 

Odette is completely knowledgeable and helps us come into our heart space and into ourselves and our passions and bring out unique self to our talks. 

And she makes it seem so easy and helps us feel like it is so easy. Thank you so much! "


Rosalyn Fung Holistic Body Love

"I have already seen a huge shift in my business, simply by implementing what Odette teaches me. I have taken charge of my marketing and networking again. 

Odette taught me how to build and perfect my signature talk - I have booked four speaking engagements already. I also have two new coaching clients, a direct result of picking up the phone (instead of hiding behind email as I have been!) 

Thank you Odette!"


Tracey D'Aviero Your VA Mentor

About Your Host

Odette Peek is known as “The Queen of Impact”. She helps game changers create global ripple effects through powerful mindset and business transformations.  

Odette has a vision of a world where fear is eliminated from One Million People across the globe by 2020, so they can live their life with Power, Purpose, and without Apology and share their message. 

She has shared the stage with some amazing people and realized her dream of gracing the TEDx stage this year. She can help you identify and clarify your message and paired with her seven-step strategy you can achieve all of your business and life goals. 

Because of her phenomenal success she has been nominated three years in a row for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award (2015, 2016, 2017). 

She is the Bronze Winner - Stevies Award – Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Business Services (2015) and Entrepreneur of the Year from York School of Business (1994).