Odette Peek Laurie presents ... Secrets to Skyrocket Your Business with Speaking!

Toronto Wednesday, September 13, 2017 1:00pm – 8:00pm Doors open at 12:00pm

Do you want to learn THE secret to skyrocketing your business from the stage?

Do you worry about rocking the stage when you can't even nail your elevator pitch?

Have you dreamed of being on a prestigious stage like TEDx but don't know how to get there?

It’s easier than you think….

I have been there! I watched as other professionals skyrocketed in sales, recognition, and credibility. I wanted that too, so I became laser-focused on my speaking and stage presence and built a seven-figure business speaking on bigger stages and doing what I like to call “micro” talks of five to ten minutes at any networking events. 

These little "micro" talks were instrumental in quickly becoming known as an expert in my field. Then I got on TEDx, the ultimate point of IMPACT for myself and my business. I want to share all that I have learned and help you skyrocket your business with speaking!  


I am Odette Peek Laurie and my power skill is helping you discover YOUR story, the one that is the centre of your passion and purpose and when unleashed instantly connects you to the loyal followers waiting for you. 

From TEDx to conferences around the world, I have used the power of speaking to grow my business to seven figures. 

The incredible benefits of speaking are:  

  • Immediate credibility as people identify you as the expert.
  • Exponential growth of your tribe and your network.
  • Clear delivery of your message and your mission.
  • Everyone in the room knows you.
  • Boosts your brand.
  • Sales. 

When you are up in front of the room telling your story you never know what might happen. I've had a major speaking opportunity that changed everything for me drop in my lap after speaking "by accident" at a networking event for 2 minutes! 

I was asked to speak at bigger and bigger events and got the attention of and shared the stage with some well-known, super-successful people which in turn got me international attention.

So if you are: 

  • An entrepreneur or business owner ready to skyrocket to the next level. 
  • New to business and want the fast track to success. 
  • Terrified to get on stage but know speaking should be a part of your business strategy.  

This one-day, interactive event is for you!

Secrets to Skyrocket Your Business with Speaking

Insider speaking strategies, from getting booked on the TEDx stage to selling a $20K offer in minutes, that will get you out of the audience and on to the stage! 


Why attend THIS event rather than the other speaking workshops?  

The short answer is because I cover it all, from the moment you decide you want to get out there, to finding the right opportunity, getting the nod, sharing the right content for the audience, what to wear and how to stand, to being asked back. 

I will share my journey to the TEDx stage, including a LIVE performance of my talk, to show you exactly how the complete process is done! 

During Secrets to Skyrocket Your Business with Speaking we will cover:

  • The strategy I used to stand out amongst 600 applicants and get on the TEDX stage. 
  • A faster and simpler version of speaking and selling from the stage.  
  • About my journey of transformation to a new business and how speaking was the magic bullet.
  • How I sold $20,000 from a two-minute 'micro talk' and how you can capitalize on short speaking gigs.

And you will learn how to: 

  • Create the most powerful content: YOUR Story.
  • Structure your business using my tips and tricks to include speaking.  
  • Stop babbling and be brilliant.
  • Prepare your intro for networking events.
  • Pull in your audience without being “salesy.”
  • Tailor your topic to your audience.
  • Get back on track when you freeze or lose your train of thought.
  • Create powerful shorter speaking opportunities that can be as lucrative as keynotes.

Done right, stories can connect you to the perfect audience and promote you and your business. 

In addition to all of the hands-on learning, it wouldn’t be an Odette Peek Laurie event without an amazing cocktail reception with great food, lots of fun, and an opportunity to try out those newly learned, effective networking skills! I have the reputation of putting on one of the best parties in the city!  

I want this for you! I can’t wait to share my secrets and strategies so you will see the positive impact speaking can have on your business.  

Schedule for the day: 

12:00 - 1:00 Registration & networking 1:00 - 6:00 Show time! 6:00 - 8:00 Cocktail reception



Old Mill Inn and Spa 

21 Old Mill Road, Etobicoke

Let’s get you on the stage to boost your sales and skyrocket your business!!!  

Odette your event was really great and it was an experience, not just another event. Great content and I could tell from the audience’s reaction they loved you. I’ve been to a lot of events and this is the best organized event I have ever been to. From the moment I got my badge to the networking reception - well done. ~ Steve Lowell, CSP, 2017 National Vice-President, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

I have always been a speaker, but I realized the speaking world had changed and I needed to change as well. 

Working with Odette, I learned how to be more specific, create impactful sound bites of my information, share powerful stories and engage my audience at a higher level. 

Thank you Odette!  

~ Carolyn Dickinson, Carolyn Dickinson Success Coaching


This has been an amazing experience. I am already an experienced speaker but coming into this workshop and learning so much more and how to shift my talk to improve it even more has been eye opening and helpful. 

Odette is completely knowledgeable and helps us come into our heart space and ddpe into ourselves and our passions and bring out unique self to our talks. 

And she makes it seem so easy and helps us feel like it is so easy. Thank you so much! 

~ Rosalyn Fung, Holistic Body Love

About Your Host

Odette Peek Laurie is known as “The Queen of Impact”. She helps game changers create global ripple effects through powerful mindset and business transformations.  

Odette has a vision of a world where fear is eliminated from One Million People across the globe by 2020, so they can live their life with Power, Purpose, and without Apology and share their message. 

She has shared the stage with some amazing people and realized her dream of gracing the TEDx stage this year. She can help you identify and clarify your message and paired with her seven-step strategy you can achieve all of your business and life goals. 

Because of her phenomenal success she has been nominated three years in a row for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award (2015, 2016, 2017). 

She is the Bronze Winner - Stevies Award – Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Business Services (2015) and Entrepreneur of the Year from York School of Business (1994).